Wednesday, 16 November 2011

International day of tolerance...

Apparently 16th November is the International day of tolerance... and oh my - my tolerance levels have surely been tested today.

After damn near 2 years of a leaky roof... they finally come to start fixing it today - with zilch notice, and starting clumping and thumping on my bedroom roof at 7.30am. Now its not that I'm ungrateful for them arriving and doing the work... but a little notice so I wasn't mooching round in my jammies would have been appreciated.

I've had a small boy living very much in his own wee world the last few days too - so he's been testing the tolerance levels too. Its so hard to deal with someone who is so lost on their own planet that communicating is a long drawn out process. To say its a real "autistic" day doesn't even scratch the surface. There has been no eye contact - and the only real communication has been for him to ask for tea and toast (but no eye contact)

Sleeps also gone a bit awry just now - my previous good sleeper has been testing the "burning the candle at both ends" style of living. Bedtime has become a sodding nightmare, I gave up counting at 30 returns to bed last night... and his usual slow awakening was rudely interrupted by our roofers (seriously, I am very grateful they are here tho) I know hes a little out of kilter as our routine is changing this week, but I'm finding it hard not to be snappy.

Sooooo, enjoy the international day of tolerance folks, I hope yours isn't tested too much!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ever have one of those...


You know the one, where if you could find the damn receipt you'd be straight back to customer services, demanding a full refund, an apology and a serious shed-load of compensation? This is one of the months that when I get to wherever I am destined (I would say the pearly gates but between you and me... thats a little unlikely ;o) ) I am going to demand time back for!

I know I've called my blog "Diary of a Ranting Mum" but honestly, I will try to keep it lighthearted, and on the "if you can't laugh, don't bother" side of life.

A little background - well, I'm old enough to drink, and old enough to be shocked and outraged when ID'd - I mean do these girls not know the "should have gone to specsavers" adverts don't recruit in supermarkets??? I have a 2 and a half year old boy - the light of my life, who is beautiful, cheeky, happy, fun, lively, sometimes wired to the moon, and autistic, so some of my ranting comes from the situation we are in there... I'm divorced, but happily involved with the most wonderful other half a ranty, half insane, loopy woman could ever ask for.

This month life has felt a bit hijacked by a really nasty soap opera writer. My dad has had a major operation for cancer (thankfully looking all good already), we got my weemans first stage autism diagnosis, my flat has a landlord who is about as often as the second coming, a very leaky roof, damp and growing an interesting species of mushroom in the bathroom, and mould of all sorts of rainbow colours - if it wasn't such a bloody pain, it would be interesting as a biological experiment! Did lose of a lot of weight recently, but being honest, its not so much creeping back on as galloping on at a fair rate of knots! But hey, its a sign of being happy and loved, so while I'm not over the moon, its not the worst thing to ever happen either (this is what I'm telling myself as I sit here writing this, procrastinating and ignoring my Davina workout dvd)

Its not the life I had mapped out - I'd seriously like to know who got the cushy number I had in my head... You know the one - lottery win, nice house, nice car blah blah blah... bank balance that doesn't make the ATM laugh out loud at you and spit your card out at a hundred miles an hour in disgust? Because I definitely got diddled on this one.

But saying all that, would I change it... maybe small bits here and there, but on the whole, no chance! I love who I am, and I love the people in my life now, I am really honoured to have such amazing friends around me, who pick me up, dust me down and give me the kick up the ass I need sometimes!

I'm going to update this (likely fairly infrequently)  as and when the mood takes me - using it as therapy, a sounding board, and hopefully sharing some of the stranger insights into my life. You're welcome to join me along the way :o) I would say constructive criticism welcome... but I can't promise to like it ;o) hehehe

Ranty x